“I CRU di terra vocata”

The “I CRU di Terra Vocata” project, focused on the characterisation of the Classico Berardenga’s CRUs, consists of a multidisciplinary study aimed at broadening and sharing the knowledge of vineyards and wines from the Chianti Classico production area, included winemakers within the Municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga.

The protagonist of the initiative is the Sangiovese, the main interpreter and advocate of this territory’s winemaking and of the diversity and geological richness it hosts.

The project, which originally kicked off in 2018, involves the study of micro-vinifications from the vineyards with the greatest vocation within each producer, over a period of three harvests.

The purpose of this observation effort is, first of all, to enable the definition of a very specific and accurate associative and territorial identity, as well as the creation of a wealth of knowledge that will continue to be available and benefit the individual producers. Another key objective of the project is the creation of an overall and coordinated strategy to promotes winemakers, recognising them as authentic expressions of the territory and sustaining joint promotion actions with a solid scientific basis.