Castell’in Villa

Castell’in Villa arise on the top of the hill, where is possible to have an amazing view of the Chianti hills and Siena. The ancient medieval hamlet is the heart of all the corporate activities. Around this piece of historical Sienese architecture, the 300 hectars structure is composed of 200 hectars of ancient forests that make up the wildlife reserve and with two natural truffle areas, and then 44 hectars of vineyards, 26 hectars of olive trees and moreover 30 hectars of cultivated fields.The vineyards are subject of great attention, all cultivated with low yields and spread over eight different areas. Sangiovese is the symbol vine of the company, cause the owner believe this grape highly symbiotic with Castell’in Villa terroirs. In winery and in vineyards both “conserve” and “respect” are words to live by. This environment brings to life three complementary activities: Castell’in Villa restaurant, enoteca and B&B.