The Association Classico Berardenga – Winemakers from Castelnuovo gives voice to their land and their wines, preserving and to enhancing the vast heritage of culture, history and traditions that distinguishes this territory.

The strong desire of these producers to rediscover the roots of the Berardenga territory took shape during a series of encounters, during which the main goal was to taste and share the wines of the Berardenga producers. The invitation was and is open to all of the Chianti Classico wine producers of the Castelnuovo Berardenga Township, regardless of the area, extension or type of company.

Through the wines, which are the true wealth of this vast territory, we managed to know one another better and to identify targets which formed the basis for a mutual commitment.

The first fruits of the work accomplished by the Classico Berardenga companies were announced on January 29th, 2015 during a conference at the Certosa di Pontignano.
The conference was centered on sharing “the big picture”: of the territory’s historical, economical, geological, enological and anthropological values.

Pursuing that inquiry, born on January 29th, is one of the goals that the Association of 24 winegrowers set for themselves at the time of its foundation in May 2015, namely: research what has been, exalt what is, and take care of what will be.