The Scheggiolla estate takes its name from the Scheggiolla creek; it is located on a charming little hillock in the rolling hills of Castelnuovo Berardenga (Siena) at an altitude of 300 Mt. Cultivation is of grapevine and olive trees, growing literally together in a privileged position, entwined in embrace and kissed by the sun. From a pedological point of view the soil of this area, typical of the region, has a high concentration of stones; but it is not a stepmotherly ‘meanness’ but rather a motherly ‘sternness’, capable of offering the best to the red grapes and green olives… So the Grapevine asked of the Olive-tree: “Why don’t you teach me eternity?” And the Olive-tree replied: “Only when you teach me inebriation”.